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Electric scooters are revolutionizing short-distance transportation in urban areas and college campuses. With compact electric motors and batteries, e-scooters are easy to ride and provide zippy, emissions-free operation.

Electrifying a classic scooter design removes the need to push constantly. The electric motor engages when you twist the throttle or start gliding to propel you up to 15-20 mph with minimal effort. Maneuvering tight turns and weaving through traffic is a blast.

Today's electric scooters feature swappable batteries to extend your range. Larger seated models border on light electric motorcycles, while some smaller kick scooters feature push assist only. With no fuel costs, e-scooters can save money for short commutes.

Why Ride Electric?

Types of Electric Scooters

There are a few main categories of e-scooters with different features:

Benefits for City Dwellers

In crowded urban areas, electric scooters shine for:

Legalization Efforts

Electric scooter and bike sharing programs have become popular in certain cities. However, legalization is still underway in many regions to allow electric scooters on public roads and sidewalks:

Popular Electric Scooter Manufacturers