Electric Cars

Fast, torquey and good for the environment. Create cleaner air and play your role in creating the EV future, while driving amazing green vehicles powered by tomorrows technology.

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Rimac ultra modern electric supercar zooming through bendy mountain roads

Smarter, Healthier, Faster and
Better for Our Environment!

In an era of technological innovation one thing is clear, the future arrives fast. Here at Electric.info, we showcase the lastest electric products and spare no details. We are proud to be a small family run web business and stand firmly behind the products endorsed on this website.

At Electric.info you can be sure that we don't take money for highlighting certain products at the expense of others and we actually try out whatever we review when possible. Increasingly everything is becoming electric, so we are here to help you find the best products for your daily activities, fun and your home or office.

Revolutionising The Way We Travel

Quiet, fast and easy to maintain are just some of what EV's have to offer.

Bright yellow electric Lotus Evira parked in a futuristic garage

Electric Cars

We live in exciting times! Electric cars have become mainstream, new design languages and superior performance is just the start of what's coming.

Tough Mountain eBike model EKX X20

Electric Bikes

From regenerating bicycles, to ebikes and more. Electric bikes are redefining how we ride. Fast, efficient and ultra clean. E-bikes have changed transport forever.

The Ninebot Kick is a premium electric scooter you can ride anywhere, suitable for adults

Electric Scooters

From powerful green scooters for commuter transport, to scooters for adults, children and all between. Electric scooters are a favourite in every household.

An Electric Vehicle For Everyone

An eScooter, moped, SUV or electric truck for your next vehicle?

Bright yellow electric Lotus Evira parked in a futuristic garage

Electric Trucks

Suited for urban delivery and short-haul. Electric trucks have lower fuel and maintenance costs, yet minimize CO2, noise, and air pollution.